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Eco-Friendly Trends to Follow this Summer

By Leah Berger


For many of us being stuck in lockdown has meant excessive scrolling through social media. It is no wonder that this year’s summer trends are important. They have been building up throughout the lockdown, people have had a chance to think about them. People have waited eagerly to participate in them. I say if you participate in any at least do one that is better for the environment.


Here are some great eco-friendly trends to partake in this summer.


Throw out those flip flops.

If you’re planning on heading to the beach this summer, or any kind of park or lake. Think twice about buying new plastic flip flops. These everyday items contribute a huge amount to plastic pollution. The average lifespan of a flip flop is two years. So that is two summers and they’re out. But, I know I have fallen into the trap of buying new flip flops every summer before. Ocean sole states that approximately 90 tonnes of plastic flip flops wash up on East African coasts each year. These flip flops are often discarded in the US and travel across the pacific eventually washing up in Africa. Flip flops are a very popular item in the great pacific plastic patch. So instead of adding to the plastic problem, why not hop on a trend? Birkenstocks and cork sandals have recently come back on-trend.  These hippie casual style shoes are perfect for summer. They are comfy, long-lasting, on-trend at the moment and will also last you years. You won’t have to worry about your flip flop breaking whilst you are on holiday. And you won’t need to buy another pair for a very long time. This helps you and the environment.

  Beach with plastic across it


Fast fashion is out; Thrift your wardrobe

Thrift shopping has become more popular than ever. I know I certainly miss searching for that perfect item in the charity stores. Buying second-hand clothes have become more and more popular, since having vintage pieces and your own unique style became more important on social sites like TikTok and Instagram. Many tik tok content creators are famous for their thrift shopping and their cool edgy style. Because let’s face it. Some awesome outfits can be found in a charity store, it isn’t all old clothes thrown out of a grandmothers closet, and even if it is I have gotten some amazing pieces from my grandma’s cupboard. There is also more awareness around how unethical and polluting fast fashion can be. Fast fashion factories are also known for polluting toxic substances like heavy metals such as lead and mercury into their surroundings.


Use menstrual cups

This summer will be a summer of activities, countless hours outdoors and lots of fun. Maybe you’ll be spending entire days on the beach, swimming, playing in the sand, running around. Maybe you’ll be day drinking with friends or touring your local area. Maybe you’ll go on a hike and maybe you’ll cycle to your nearest park and have a picnic. So why stress yourself with changing your tampon or pad every few hours. By using a menstrual cup you can keep it in for up to 12 hours.

You can also do any activity such as swimming, running, climbing and even dancing without worrying about leakages or changing it. This is a trend that many celebrities such as Candice Cameron, an American actress, are following. And the BBC even stated that google searches for the menstrual cup are up by over 800%. They are definitely a popular choice for this summer and there are many organic options for you to choose from. According to organicup tampons, pads and panty liners along with their packaging generate more than 200,000 tons of plastic waste per year. Pads are approximately 90% plastic and contribute to a lot of plastic pollution. These products also contain chemicals that can pollute our groundwater supply when we leave them in a landfill. Therefore, hop on the trend of using a menstrual cup and encourage your friends to do the same.

menstural cup 


Juice bottles and coolers

I know we are all looking forward to days out in the sun. Whether you are day drinking in a park with some friends or going for a hike, you probably need something to put your water and drinks in. That is why you have a great reason to hop on the trend of reusable coffee cups, water bottles and even wine coolers. You can keep your drink icy cold in the park for hours by using a wine cooler and you can help the environment by bringing your own instead of buying and using single-use plastics.


Beauty kits and skincare

Skincare has become one of the most important parts of our daily routines. It has sparked everyone’s interest worldwide and people are now paying more attention to ingredients, packaging, fairtrade and ethics. Here are some eco-friendly beauty kits and skincare to use this summer. You can order an eco-friendly kit online that will help you swap out all of your cotton buds, cotton pads and even your toothbrush to a reusable and more eco-friendly option. Using a bamboo toothbrush and reusable cotton pad means one less thing polluting our planet.


Sustainable make up

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