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femme forte is a small business based in brighton to create a sustainable, ethical and kind fashion option. in this small corner of the fashion industry inclusion is fundamental, as is ensuring we are gentle on the planet. anything you see here will always be 100% cruelty free, sweatshop free and will not hurt our planet. when printing designs, we will only ever use vegan inks that are free from toxic chemicals and all our clothing is made sustainably, by people who are treated well and paid fairly.



it all began back in 2019 while living in East London as a way to raise money for London LGBTQ+ Community Centre, and in reaction to the fast fashion industry for being so catastrophically frustrating. from their impact on the environment, to the way they treat their garment workers, fast fashion has consistently and monumentally let us down. it's time we demand better, but to do so we need better options; so we hope femme forte can be one small part of that. 


dropping off our tees to be stocked in the DIY Art Shop for the first time!

since then, together we have raised money to not only help create an LGBTQ+ Community Centre in London, but also to support homeless LGBTQ+ youth  (akt), transgender young people (mermaids) and provided period products to those who can't otherwise afford them (bloody good period). each collection raises money for a different cause, check the page of each product to see details of what that money will go towards and learn about the vital work of that charity. supporting marginalised and vulnerable communities will always be something we strive to do here and a core part of femme forte. 


three images; first one is of Zoe at her market stall, second is of a small grey whippet named Otis at the market stall with a sign 'Ethical Fashion', last image is of the t shirts displayed at the market

find us at markets around the UK! Spot my favourite member of the team in the middle (Otis).


femme forte is also here to uplift and celebrate our community. we want to make sure this is a platform that passes the mic, amplifying important voices and learning about social issues together. femme forte: explores is a part of our website where we explore different topics, share stories from creatives, change makers and activists, but most importantly learn to be better allies to one another. if you have something you'd like to share or would like to be covered please do reach out.


if you've supported femme forte so far we want to say the biggest thank you. this started as a small project so to see it grow and connect with so many people has been a true privilege. every single order brings us so much joy and we are eternally grateful for each and every person who has helped femme forte grow.


femme forte is new and still growing and learning. if you have any suggestions, or things you want to see more (or less) of, get in touch ~ it's always lovely to hear from you!